琉璃太極三色介紹  3 Colors of Liuli Taichi

琉璃太極三色介紹 3 Colors of Liuli Taichi

翡翠琉璃太極  " LIULI TAICHI in Emerald Color "
Glowing with a dazzling beauty, the color of emerald symbolizes the revolving concepts of the Yin and Yang in Taichi—i.e., harmony versus discord, peace versus conflict, intensity versus  calmness.In short, the emerald color represents the principles of Taichi. This piece of art shows us a magnificent scene of the supreme oriental attributes of dynamism, circularity, transformation and duality.
吉祥 如意 魅力
翡翠有「東方之寶」、「玉石之王」的美譽,是歷史上權傾一時或魅力非凡的女性人物爭相收藏的珍寶,常以吉祥如意、福壽富貴的方式呈現,早已是收藏幸運的象徵! 綠色翡翠價值不匪,亦是財富的代表,以翡翠色與太極行雲流水ㄧ段柔中帶鋼的動靜之美..自在圓融線條,綠色常青、貴人常在!
Auspicious Wishful Charm
Jade is known and reputed as the “Oriental Treasure” or the “King of Jade”. It is a national treasure fascinated by many influential Chinese males and females for jade represents good fortune, power, status and wealth for centuries. Jade is also the love of gem collectors and many interior designers and decorators in Chinese history.
Emerald (or green) is a color that does not fade with time and space. Because it reveals an auspicious meaning of the constant and powerful helps given by people of a higher social standing. The series LIULI Taichi Emerald lights up its green color to symbolize a sequence of the flexible forms, flows and strengths of varied Taichi postures and movements. Taichi is indeed where the duality between immobility and mobility manifested by itself.Green jade is invaluable because it represents abundance of wealth. The beauty of the soft and medium-sized steel strips and the emerald color symbolize the interacting flows between Yin and Yang of Taichi.


黃金琉璃太極  " LIULI TAICHI in Golden Color "
Liuli and gold  have always been considered two of the Seven Buddhist Treasures in Chinese culture. Both of them carry an auspicious sense of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. By adding  the strength and beauty of Tai Chi to the series of art objects, these art objects become even more splendidly radiant and graceful!
富貴  輝煌  活力
Prosperity Glory Vitality
Golden color has historically been viewed as the Royal Color by the Chinese Royal Family. The Golden color represents the ‟Wealth and Power” by the Chinese Emperor and the Royal Family. In Chinese culture, golden color symbolises the vibrance of sun, abundant wealth, power, blessings and big advancement in life. Since the blessings of Tai Chi and golden color are imbedded in the GOLDEN LIULI Art Collections, they are a work of art endowed with auspicious meanings suitable for landscaping design and interior decorations as well as value preservation among the gem collectors.黃金琉璃太極

琥珀琉璃太極 " LIULI TAICHI in Amber Color "
“Sweet and refined” are the two aesthetic feelings signified by the amber color, which make us feel slightly dizzy as if we are under the small influence of a fine wine. Its tender aroma and  sweet fragrance bring us the freshness and tranquility we desire. Amber is a hard and translucent stone-carving material. Combined with circular lines, the series “LIULI TAICHI in Amber Color" demonstrate the duality of Taichi where rigidity and flexibility coexist.
健康 長壽  平安
Peace Health Longevity
Considering amber a valuable medicine for Chinese people, amber symbolizes longevity in Chinese culture. This delicate material absorbs the life and soul from the mother earth, bringing its positive energy to people with good health and spiritual calmness. As one of the seven Buddhist treasures, amber hunts evil spirits down and keeps the tranquility in our house. This soft and yet pleasing Amber color shows us the smooth, circular and fluid Yin and Yang movements of Taichi. As a result, it brings us the calmness and concentration we desire in our life. It promises us and our families the longevity and healthy life we all desire.